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Materials of self tapping thread insert


  Materials of self tapping thread insert   

 Self Tapping Inserts is a kind of fastener that is popular with customers because of its superior traits and functions.

 Some different types of self-tapping inserts that are widely used as follows:

  1, carbon steel

  At present,the most frequent use of material in fastener industry is carbon steel, because of its high plasticity, lower price compared to other materials.

  2, stainless steel

  According to the state,Stainless steel can be divided into: austenitic steel, martensitic steel, ferritic steel

  3, brass

  Brass is made of copper and zinc alloy, corrosion resistance, heat transfer, conductive effect. Generally used for conductive requirements, mechanical performance is not high Self Tapping Inserts.

  4, aluminum

  Aluminum has good thermal conductivity, conductivity, and ductility. In the common metal, the conductivity is second only to silver, copper, but the density is only 1/3 of steel. Because of its good ductility, aluminum is mainly used for the production of various types of rivets.

  5, copper

  Copper is a relatively pure kind of copper, generally similar to pure copper, conductivity, plastic are better, but the strength, hardness is poor.

  Major materials used for making self Tapping Inserts are mentioned above, different Self Tapping Inserts may use different materials.


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