Single Set

  • Model number: M5-M12 (metric size) or 1/4-1/2 (UNC UNF)
  • Material: HSS/304 stainless steel
  • Colors: blue, red, your own colors and logos on the box
  • Tools: taps, drills, Insertion tool, Break-off tang, inserts
  • Standard: GJB
  • Package: steel/plastic box

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  • Single Set

Number HSS ;Helical ;Tap HSS ;Twist ;Drill Insertion ;Tool Break-off ;Tang Inserts
CL005 M5*0.8 5.2mm NO.5 NO.5 25
CL006 M6*1 6.2mm NO.6 NO.6 25
CL008 M8*1.25 8.3mm NO.8 NO.8 25
CL010 M10*1.5 10.3mm NO.10 NO.10 25
CL012 M12*1.75 12.4mm NO.12 NO.12 10
CL014 M14*2.0 14.4mm NO.14 NO.14 10
CL014G1 M14*1.25 NO.14 NO.14 10
CL014G2 M14*1.5 NO.14 NO.14 10
CL001C 10-24UNC 5.2mm NO.8 NO.8 25
CL002C 12-24UNC 5.8mm NO.8 NO.8 25
CL003C 1/4-20UNC 6.7mm NO.9 NO.9 25
CL004C 5/16-18UNC 8.3mm NO.10 NO.10 25
CL005C 3/8-16UNC 9.9mm NO.12 NO.12 15
CL006C 7/16-14UNC 11.6mm NO.14 NO.14 10
CL007C 1/2-13UNC 13.0mm NO.15 NO.15 10
CL001F 10-32UNF 5.1mm NO.8 NO.8 25
CL002F 1/4-28UNF 6.7mm NO.9 NO.9 25
CL003F 5/16-24UNF 8.3mm NO.11 NO.11 25
CL004F 3/8-24UNF 9.8mm NO.13 NO.13 15
CL005F 7/16-20UNF 11.5mm NO.14 NO.14 10
CL006F 1/2-20UNF 13.0mm NO.15 NO.15 10

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