QHow to do the installation spanner abnormal?

(1)Socket spanner guide the thread serious wear caused pre-compression is not in place : Guiding thread with screw threaded sleeve special spanner bottom plug gauge detection ,If it is not necessary to use a new socket spanner....

QHow to do after the thread insert have been installed , the plug guage detect the fixed  gauges doesn't  stop work ?

(1)The precision grade of plug guage and thread insert are not match :the order should be according to the grades of plug guage's precision to choose the  same class thread insert....

QHow to do when the thread insert installed plug detection gauge impassability or Screw screwing unsmooth?

(1)Sometimes the plug-gauge blocked which will facilitate the positioning of the collar after screw tightening....

QHow to do when after installed thread insert the mounting handle is not easy to be thrust?

(1)Thrusting too light:Appropriate force. (2)Notching too shallow: Use nipper pliers or a similar tool bending down mounting shank can break from the notching or with Manufacturers exchange....

QHow to do when the thread insert mounting shank during assembly non-normal break?

(1)Use simple spanner because wire thread insert can not be pre-compression caused excessive torque:Proficiency or replace with a socket spanner....

QHow to do when the process of using thread insert jump buckle?

Use a locking type thread insert installation spanner fitted ordinary type thread insert:In other matches with thread insert installation spanner....

QHow to do when it hard to set thread insert into bottom hole?

Use simple spanner due to thread insert lack of pre-compression caused by excessive torque:Replaced with a socket spanne....

QHow to do when the tap tapping difficulties and frangible?

(1)The drill is too small: According to the matrix material replaced with a suitable drill diameter. (2)Drill serious wear and tear caused bottom hole drilled into the cone: Replace with a new drill....


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