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Spring Machine Controller Common Fault Analysis


Troubleshooting spring machine controller listed as follows:

1, The origin of the abnormal position

Proximity switches itself does not work properly; proximity switch wiring anomaly; induction physical contact surface is too small; two origin bit too close; the controller's internal parameter is incorrect (including zero speed parameter is set too high, the controller parameter settings parse error, etc.).

2. Press the "Reset" button will move the motor

Servo motor drive parameter setting is incorrect.

3, The motor will automatically open the computer running

Controller to the drive motor control wires soldered to the drive for errors or encoder line welding errors.

4,The probe insensitive

Probe wiring conduction defect, the probe accuracy, speed settings do not match.

5, The cylinder not playing

Check the O board wiring is normal.

6, Reciprocal or outgoing head abnormalities

Motor drive parameter is not set properly.

7, Detection and automatic too different

Do not use hand wheel speed or jog upscale high-end speed detection.


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