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When Do We Use Thread Insert?


Thread insert is a kind of new type internal thread fastener, which can be embedded into metal or metalloid materials, forming interchangeable standard internal thread with high strength and wear resistance, it can be also used for repairing damaged or stripped internal thread.A wire thread insert is made of diamond-shaped stainless steel wire with high precision,whose internal and external thread are concentric and one of its end has a radial bend handle.

    Under free state, the diameter of coil is larger than that of the thread hole, during installation, the torque from installation tool installing on the handle makes coil diameter elastic shrinkage so as to be screwed into internal thread hole that is made by matched tap, after installation,the bushing will produce expansion like a spring made, which makes coil be embedded into internal thread firmly,finally, such a thread bushing will be a internal thread with high precision that is within international standard.

    The difference of pressure loaded between bolt and thread hole can be solved by the elasticity of thread insert whose wire can load pressure evenly. According to different capabilities of a screw insert, the coil can be divided into two types--free running and self locking types,of which besides all free running type capabilities the self locking type has,self locking one also has locking capability that is decided by the polygonal locking elasticit that can make bolt stable.


The concrete usage scope as follows:

a. Available in soft materials with low strength,such as, aluminum,megnesium, wood, plastic, rubber and so on, with a coil, the connection strength can be improved, some problems can be also solved , for example,sliding wire.

b. Available in crispy materials, such as, ceramic, bakelite, plastic and so on, with a coil,linking condition can be improved so as to avoid fragmentation.

c. Available in machine with thin body, with a coil, the stressed area can be expanded.

d. Available in the thread hole that is frequently screwed in and out, with a coil, the service period of the hole can be prolonged.

e. Available in machines in chemical, shipping, vehicle and mining industries, with the coil, rusty phenomenon taking place in humid environment can be avoid so as to get easy maintanance.

f. Available in such situations where safety and security is priority, such as, aerospace,aviation, military and so on, with a coil, the loosening bolt can be avoided.

g. Available in precious equipment, such as, precise equipment, instrument, with a coil, damaged machine that is caused by loose bolt can be avoided.

h. Available in scrapped the machines that is caused by a damaged thread hole, such as, engine body, textile machine, all kinds of aluminum parts, lathe and so on.


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